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Praise Age

The McClaron Chronicles

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In the year after Christ died, the forces of darkness scrambled in retreat. Reeling from the blow that the resurrection of Christ dealt them, they searched for any means to bring power back to their crippled forces. This search did not last long for a large group of people from many lands stepped forward and volunteered to provide the way for the forces of Darkness to hold sway once again.

They formed an alliance and swore a blood oath to the Devil and his minions. They would, hence forth, be the physical embodiment of the fallen angels, and they would do all in their power to prosecute the war against God and his people.

After the swearing of this blood oath there arose a new breed of demons. They had a physical body that could both kill and be killed. They now had unlimited access to the physical realm and they used it to dark purpose. The massacre of Christians and those who opposed them began. Nothing seemed to be able to stop them. And the people of God cried out to Him for deliverance. God answered their cry. He provided for them the warrior families. Each Family was assigned a sector of responsibility, to protect and to teach. As the years passed, the continuous war between the Empire of Darkness, as it had become known, and the Kingdom of Light had divided the entire globe into three main divisions. The Empire, the Kingdom, and no-mans land also called the Hinterlands. Time had caused the war to grind to an uneasy stand still. Every one knew that the war was not over, yet a cease-fire had held sway for several years. There are many warrior families, and many deeds of daring. At this time we will be telling the story of the McClarons and of some young warriors thrust into this time.

Training The Next Generation

Hawk McClaron

The Hinterlands

Release And Restitution

Listen to The Hinterlands soundtrack:

The Hinterlands

Across the border from the Kingdom of Light, there is a "no man's land".  A land that had been torn by war for countless years by the invasion of the Dark Empire and the defense put up by the Kingdom of Light.
Now, since the uncertain cease-fire, people began to settle this land, and a small nation struggled to establish herself.  The Warriors of the Kingdom of Light need to win these people to Christ or lose what buffer they have between themselves and the enemy.  Not only that, but if the nation is to survive, they need God.
If the Warriors can help, maybe this land can become peaceful, and fully heal.  Her people must make a choice and be ready for the consequences.

The Morning

Until You Come Again

The day Christ appears to bring all His people home is the one great hope of all Warriors and those who follow God.


Keenan's theme.  A promising young minstrel appears at Duke Randolph's Castle charming all with his music.

The Castle

Life in the house of Duke Randolph sees the Lady Delores begin to favor Keenan and rumors are started.

Jayne Rose

Grand-daughter of the music master in the castle.  She fills in as head musician when her grand-father falls sick.  She is attracted to Keenan but jealous of Lady Delores.

A Higher Calling

Jayne's father announces that their family will be the first Warrior family in the Hinterlands.  Jayne feels God's calling for her to follow in the way of the Warriors.  A young man arrives to teach her what this means.

On The Run

Another young Warrior is running from a very great danger.  He is trying to take up his old Warrior life again.  But the Dark forces want him back.

Good-bye My Love

Keenan and Jayne find themselves attracted to each other.  Although he is caught up in the plans and schemes of the duke and Lady Delores, he declares his true love for Jayne.

The Fall

Giving in to temptation can bring down the great and the small.  Warrior, prince, and common man must be sure not to give in to it.

Voice Of A Friend

From beyond the darkness and despair of the man in bondage comes the Voice of Hope.  Jesus is calling you back.

The Forest

Its fauna and flora can be most beautiful, but now a most dangerous threat is hidden there.

Justin's Sorrow

The son of a great Warrior shows such promise, but what hidden grief does this one bear?

To The Glory Of God

A battle cry or a declaration of fealty to the One True God.

The Coming Battle

The enemy draws near and the Warriors face pain and death.  One must cast out all thoughts that would cause him to give in to fear and do all that must be done.  Even at the cost of his own life.

Move In The Spirit

It is a daily duty to draw close to God.  To know Him as your friend is its own reward.


We are inspired to a greater commitment as we remember those who gave their lives for the Glory of God.

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